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Riccardo Ghironi was born in Pontremoli , Tuscany in 1981 right on the border between the Beautiful Italian regions of Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia Romagna .

Since he was a kid, while playing in his family vegetable garden he had the opportunity to taste the local food of his small hometown in Lusana, Bagnone.

Growing up he started to develop his two passions, food and horse riding.His Parents being busy with work,he grows up in close contact with his Grandparents, from whom he learn all the secret of his hometown ancient recepies . Together with his Grandmother Lidia he used to prepare food for all the other family members, simple and traditional Italian dishes.

At the age of fourteen he decided to enroll in an hospitality training school, G.Minuto from Marina di Massa where he will graduate in 5 years of school

Riccardo soon begins his working experience in the kitchen

Already from the first year of school, during the summer holidays, he is offered to work in the most prestigious kitchens of the Hotel Byron 5 stars luxury  in Forte dei Marmi

For all the next summer holidays Riccardo agrees to be part of the hotel's Kitchen brigade

So he started  his difficult journey, between the stoves and the fires,  understanding what working in the kitchen is like, and the implications for his future life, while all his peers were enjoying their vacations at the sea, Riccardo was working hard to improve his professional skills.

 Not only he worked during the whole summer seasons, but also during the weekend he took part to different  culinary events and activities.

After 5 years of school he graduated, Riccardo like all his peers is called to join the military, which he still now recalls as a beautiful experience,  during this period  Riccardo ends up becoming the personal cook of the 1st Great Admiral of the Italian Navy

After the short career that will continue for a long time, he then left  the military and began working in the kitchens of Michelin Restaurants in Italy ' and becoming a personal Chef for several High End Fashion Brands and World Famous business Men in Milan, Miami and New York